About us

Virus Activity project is ready to increase your online security

Virus Activity is a project dedicated to helping users browse online without any fear of running into a malicious website, app or service. 

Researches show that online security is becoming one of the most important fields while seeking to prevent unauthorized access to the system. Our job is to find dangerous websites, applications and services, identify their violations against certain requirements, and notify users about them. In addition, we seek to raise users' awareness of the most active computer infections and let them know about the global virus activity level.

Our team has been analyzing malware since 2004. We have accumulated a solid amount of knowledge about cybersecurity, so today we are ready to move one step further and offer you an extra layer of security.

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Virus Activity Extension – easy way to step away from malicious websites

Virus Activity extension logs risky behavior that poses potential harm to users worldwide. By alerting users about potentially dangerous websites, apps and services, it provides an additional layer of online security. The extension works based on a particular Deceptor program that follows AppEsteem Deceptor Requirements and Virus Activity Rules.

If the website is found violating our requirements, e.g., applies risky behavior and deceptive techniques, it is included in the Deceptors database. As a result, Virus Activity extension warns users by showing a special alert on their browser before they take action, e.g. download an application or add their personal details.

The goal is to ensure that people could browse the web, install, and use applications without risk. A full list of Deceptors and Rules on VirusActivity.com and the Extension is updated repeatedly and constantly. 

Virus Activity WordPress Plugin – improves websites by providing virus activity level

Virus Activity WordPress Plugin was created to help website owners take their sites to another level by providing information about malware activity on a daily basis.

Having in mind that the number of cyber attacks keeps rising, we believe that it would be relevant for everyone to know when virus activity level is increased and which threats are the most active. This information could help users take precautionary measures in advance and prevent system damage, identity theft and money loss.

The information provided by WordPress Plugin is updated every 24 hours. While the low Virus Activity level tells that there have been no recent malware attacks spotted, the highest level encourages users to take the precautionary actions, e.g. update the operating system and antivirus programs, stay away from suspicious-looking emails, be careful with scams, etc. 

Become a part of the project by reporting dangerous activity

We have been instructing users about malicious apps and their behavior for numerous years, but hacking technologies keep changing each day. Users run into problems related to online security without realizing the outcomes of such cases each day.

If you run into a suspicious website that was using inappropriate behavior, we encourage you to contact our security experts to look deeper and complete an independent review. You can report any deceptor or a suspicious app via this form:

After you have read about the Virus Activity project, the extension and the plugin, find Privacy Information Notice, Terms of Use, Disclaimer and Disclosure here. If you have any questions, use the Contact us form.