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Virus Activity is a free WordPress plugin that displays newest malware in your sidebar or footer.


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Huge threat index database

Over 20000 threats identified


Daily updates

The newest information about security threats directly to your website


Translated to over 25 languages

Virus Activity Plugin

Quick installation with zero configuration

Virus Activity is a free WordPress plugin uncovering the most active viruses of Windows, Mac and Android OS. It displays daily reports of the overall virus activity and the newest cyber infections detected by Kaspersky Labs, Norton, Avira, and similar security giants. This plugin adapts itself to your website’s design automatically but it can also be configured according to needs. Let your visitors know about the latest viruses and help them protect their computers!

Responsive design Flexibility

Virus Activity plugin adapts itself to website’s design and colors automatically. However, it can be changed according to your needs. It goes well with responsive design.

Daily Sync Daily updates

The plugin renews itself daily to let your visitors know virus activity in the entire world and the latest virus tendencies.

Multi-language Worldwide

The plugin is translated to 25 languages, including German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and other languages.

Quick Installation Quick download

Virus Activity plugin is available at WordPress Plugin directory. To add Virus Activity plugin to your site, just install and click “Activate”.

Virus Activity Plugin for WordPress

Download today and provide your blog readers with the newest information about computer security worldwide!

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