Deceptor is a website, application, or service that, after performing behavior analysis, was found to be violating specific requirements established by AppEsteem and Virus Activity, and set in our Deceptor Rules page.

By performing specific activities, Deceptors can lead to cyberattacks, data and money loss, misinformation or other issues. Our goal is to uncover these sites/apps/services to prevent potential dangers that may harm the end-users. Learn more about Deceptors here.

If your application is listed as a Deceptor, first of all, you need to make the required changes to stop violating the Deceptor rules. You can contact Virus Activity team to know what needs to be fixed. A detailed guide on how to remove the app, website or service from the database of Virus Activity Extension is provided in How to fix my deceptor page.

App / Url Violations Updated
2CR-021 14/03/2024 2CR-015, 2CR-013, 2CR-007, 2CR-001 30/12/2020 2CR-007, 2CR-015 01/10/2020 2CR-015, 2CR-004 30/09/2020 ACR-003 09/09/2020 2CR-015, 2CR-001 27/07/2020 2CR-015 22/07/2020 2CR-004, 2CR-007 16/07/2020 2CR-004 14/07/2020 2CR-015, 2CR-013 13/07/2020 2CR-015 08/07/2020 2CR-004, 2CR-015, ACR-117 07/07/2020 2CR-015 03/07/2020 2CR-015, 2CR-016 02/07/2020 2CR-004, 2CR-015 01/07/2020
1 2 3 217