Deceiving domain - is a misleading search engine that impersonates a legitimate search provider aiming to improve users' web browsing experience. However, cybersecurity experts warn that this sponsored search is distributed in disguise with freeware and shareware as an "optional" Flare Search extension. 

It's a deceptive extension, which seeks to gain persistence by enabling legitimate "Managed by your organization" feature on Chrome. As a consequence, less experienced users cannot easily remove it from the browser. In addition, the search displays suspicious search results that exhibit sponsored content. People can encounter sponsored ads on the top-right corner of the search and notice questionable links positioned at the top of the results. 

The start page of the search does not provide Privacy Policy, End-User License Agreement, or other liability information, which is a warning sign that the application is controversial. Those who have accidentally installed it are strongly recommended to perform an immediate removal to prevent the exposure to untrustworthy domains. 

Classification Browser hijacker / PUP
Symptoms The search alters web browser's settings without permission and initiated redirects to sponsored domains. Ads can be seen on random websites 
Danger The search is not dangerous itself, but the content it is set to deliver is highly questionable
Removal Users are advised to eliminate this search using a professional anti-malware program violations

2CR-004: The search injects the extension without approval and alters Chrome's settings aggressively

2CR-007: The site enables "Managed by your organization" feature to prevent removal