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Type: Rogue websites is a video conversion site that allows users to convert and download videos from such popular channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and much more. It may seem like a useful service at first glance. However, the visitors are often presented with random redirects to potentially malicious sites that encourage them to enable notifications or download malicious files. Those who get tricked into following these instructions might end up with adware, trojan, backdoor, RAT, ransomware, or another computer infection. Additionally, sensitive information can be extracted and delivered to insecure parties (potentially, cybercriminals).

As a result, users who choose to use are putting their personal safety, as well as computer security, at risk. Developers of the website do not use adequate measures to protect its visitors from malicious content. Besides, the website is also detected by some security vendors as malicious or suspicious.

Type Video conversion service, push notification virus
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Dangers When accessing the site, users could be redirected to ad-filled, scam, or malware-laden websites
Detection At least one security vendor marks the site as potentially malicious or dangerous. violations

2CR-015: is detected as suspicious by at least one AV engine is detected as suspicious by at least one AV engine

2CR-001: redirects users to potentially malicious websites redirects users to potentially malicious websites