Deceiving domain -

Type: Browser Hijackers is the site that supposedly promotes and distributes the quick PDF converter tool. It claims that the program. The browser extension can be a useful addition to browsing online. However, this site is nothing but a deceptive site that creates issues instead.

The misleading domain pushes this tool and once the person falls for the trick delivered via he or she installs the ConvertPDFEasy extension that is nothing but a potentially unwanted program. It can also be categorized as a browser hijacker since it hijacks the browsing tools and replaces the homepage, the search engine on the application.

There is no need to use ConvertPDFEasy or visit the site since it is not valuable or needed at all. All the claims about features are false, the extension interferes with performance and speed instead. Even though the site reroutes to a web store, you shouldn't trust anything that comes from such shady domains.

Purpose The site promotes and distributes ConvertPDFEasy Google Chrome extension. Reroutes to supposedly safe download pages
Type of malware Potentially unwanted program/ Browser hijacker/ Browser plugin
Distribution Freeware installations and continuous visits on such deceptive, misleading pages create the risk of getting PUP installed with your knowledge or permission violations

2CR-015: The site is considered suspicious by Av tool creators