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Type: Adware is a malicious website that promotes "Windows Error Code: DLL011150" scam. Such websites can be encountered after being redirected from somewhere else or due to adware infection present on the system. seeks to mislead users by claiming the following:

  • The computer has encounteredĀ "Windows Error Code: DLL011150" error.
  • The computer has been blocked.
  • IP address was found to contain suspicious activity.
  • The security of the PC has been breached due to malware infection.
  • Personal information is at risk.

The fake alert is a very typical Microsoft-type scam that specializes in using social engineering and scaring users. By claiming that the computer is infected and that it has been blocked, the pop-up implies that victims need to call the suggested phone number in order to resolve the issue.

In reality, actors behind the scam would attempt to gain personal information, access the computer remotely, install malware, or make users pay for bogus tech support services.

Type Scam site
Promotes "Windows Error Code: DLL011150" scam
Claim The message claims that users' computers are infected with malware so that their computer returned an errorĀ "Windows Error Code: DLL011150," which prompted a complete computer block. To resolve this, they are asked to call a provided tech support phone number
Associated risks Installation of malware, financial losses, identity theft violations

ACR-003: shows complete false claims about the computer (blocked, infected with malware) shows complete false claims about the computer (blocked, infected with malware)