Deceiving domain - is a search site sponsored by third parties. Although the nature of this site is not malicious, the content it generates can hardly be trusted. As pointed out in the Terms and Conditions, it is used to displayed sponsored content, but no one controls whether it's safe or not. 

In addition to misleading content, the belongs to the group of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) and browser hijackers as it spreads in the disguise with SportsStreamSearch extension, which can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store or bundled freeware packages. Upon installation, it automatically replaces the start page, search e engine, new tab, and other web browser's settings. 

Privacy infringements are yet another aspect to discuss. The site uses tracking cookies. The usage of cookies requires the user's permission, so if the search is installed on the web browser without the user's permission, the recording of browsing history may be considered illegal. In general, this search engine is not worth trust. 

Type Browser hijacker/Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP)
Main dangers The site displays sponsored content that is not controlled, leaving the space for suspicious parties to distribute malware
Symptoms Unauthorized alterations of the web browser's settings violations

2CR-004: The site hijacks web browser's settings without proper permission requirement

2CR-015: The site is marked as potentially dangerous by multiple security vendors