What’s a deceptor

Deceports are websites, applications, services, and other entities that do not meet the requirements set up by Virus Activity and AppEsteem.

Our goal is to ensure that app developers, site owners or service providers oblige to certain rules created to protect users by preventing deceptive and risky behavior when it comes to marketing, distribution, and operation practices.

The main goal – help users browse the web without the risk of being infected or scammed

Virus activity project came up after noticing that website and app developers have started not to care about end-users, the content they are presenting and, most importantly, their safety.

The main goal of the deceptor program is to ensure that users can browse the web and install applications or use services without being tricked into paying money for something useless or being deceived into installing something they never intended.

Additionally, the program is set to defend users from revealing their personal information, encountering fake news and ensure that adequate practices are being maintained by app and website developers permanently.

Requirements are applicable not only for websites and apps

Deceptor program is seeking to flag entities connected to the inadequate and unfair activity which has been described in Virus Activity Rules section. Rules seeking to identify inappropriate and dangerous activity are applied to:

  • websites
  • applications
  • affiliates
  • networks
  • call centers

Deceptor requirements can not only be applied to installation, uninstallation, and performance practices. There are numerous active websites that are trying to trick users through such means, as tech support services, advertising, etc. Therefore, consumers are advised to follow guidelines set by us and only rely on applications that have been certified.

We highly encourage website and application developers, service providers to pay close attention to the Deceptors list to make sure that no requirements are violated. If your site or app has been included in this list, read How to fix my deceptor.