Deceiving domain -

Type: Browser Hijackers is a third-party search site that keeps redirecting visitors' traffic to sponsored websites. This site is directly affecting the speed and performance of the web browser. That's because the search or related malware has the ability to alter browser's settings in a way to generate sponsored ads, links, and other content. 

Nevertheless, this page is not malicious threat itself. It does not exhibit malicious links or ads on its homepage. Therefore, it should not be referred to as a virus. Based on the analysis, it works as a browser hijacker and potentially unwanted program that sends advertisements and promotes browser-based applications. The site also triggers redirects to potentially dangerous web domains, so of which may try to misled visitors to click on the Allow button and enable push notifications. Therefore, it is advisable not to browse the Internet while this site emerges as a default start page and generates pre-selected search results. 

Classification Browser hijacker, Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP)
Danger Potentially unwanted programs expose users to rogue sites that are used for various trickeries, including the promotion of push notifications, distribution of malware, or phishing
Distribution Browser hijackers are usually spread bundled with freeware. They can be found on various sources, including third-party download sites, Chrome Web Store, Google Play Store or torrent sites violations

2CR-015: The site has been marked as suspicious by many cybersecurity websites