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Type: Browser Hijackers is a search site that is managed by the infamous Mindspark LLC company. This search engine is not a trustworthy one since it can display preselected search results to make people visit websites of the sponsors or click on ads that generate pay-per-click revenue. 

This site is being distributed in a bundle with hundreds of PUPs, including MyAudioTab and MyDocsHere. Since the hijacker spreads in the disguise of the main freeware installer, people tend to install it accidentally. However, the symptoms, such as start page replaced by, Ask search set as default, unwanted toolbars installed, ads during web browsing, ongoing redirects to unwanted sites, etc. give away the presence of the hijacker. 

Even though it's non-malicious, keeping the application that focuses on revenue generation solely is not recommended. In addition to advertising and redirects, the can use cookies and collect browsing history, share collected data with affiliated parties, make the statistics accordingly, and analyze your preferences in order to prepare personalized content. 

Type Browser hijacker
Sub-type Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP)
Distribution This search is distributed via hundreds of Mindspark developed toolbars
Related sites,
Danger Tracks users' web browsing activities and displays sponsored content, which is not controlled violations

ACR-005: The site is trying to elevate consumer trust by claiming that it is related to Google

The site is trying to elevate consumer trust by claiming that it is related to Google

2CR-004: The site hijacks start page upon installation of freeware

2CR-015: This search engine is classified as PUP by many security-related sites