Deceiving domain -

Type: Adware is an insecure website that users may encounter at any time when navigating through the internet. The content of the site may vary, but usually includes the "Push notification" feature that asks visitors to enable notifications to display commercial content like pop-up ads directly on their desktops, even when the web browser is not in use.

The developers of often use social engineering in order to achieve the goal - quite often, the page asks to confirm that the user is "not a robot" or that a video is about to be played as soon as the permission to show notifications is granted. This consequently results in advertisement banners being shown on a regular basis - and activity which allows the website developers to monetize ad revenue.

In some cases, the redirects to may also indicate about adware infection on the machine that keeps showing unnatural browser behavior, such as frequent redirects to unsafe websites, sponsored links, increased amount of ads on all sites, installed applications without permission, and other symptoms.

Type The website might be associated with a redirect virus, push notification virus, or adware
Goal The site uses social engineering techniques in order to make users to click on "Allow Notifications" button and then expose them to commercial content that the developers monetize on
Dangers Pup-ups, banners, redirects, and other behavior may lead users to phishing, spam, tech support scam, and similar unsafe sites where they could waste their money or install potentially unwanted programs/malware
Detection Several AV engines mark as unsafe (Virus Total analysis) violations

2CR-015: is detected by several AV engines and marked as "malicious" is detected by several AV engines and marked as "malicious"