Deceiving domain - is an adware-related domain that throws bogus notifications on the infected browser and takes people to sponsored sources. The PUP is capable of entering any type of web browser, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Once places itself on a particular app, it starts modifying browser settings such as the homepage and new tab URL bar of the web browser.

Furthermore, the users will start receiving intrusive redirecting activities that prevent them from browsing the Internet in full quality and speed. As a result, the infected web browser can start struggling and crashing. Nevertheless, some of the redirecting sessions can forcibly take the user to potentially malicious websites where dangerous malware forms such as trojans and ransomware viruses are distributed. This way hackers can infect your device system.

Also, is likely to provide an excessive amount of advertising on your computer screen. The adware can throw offers and deals that encourage the user to spend money on useless products and services. Also, the app might load various surveys that seek to capture the user's personal information or collect some monetary profit.

Adware such as is known to use various stealth distribution techniques in order to reach the destination point. The most popular technique that is employed by adware developers is named software bundling. The PUP comes together with various freeware and shareware that is downloaded from third-party websites such as,

Type/sub-type PUP/adware
Delivery This product is delivered through software bundling when various free programs are downloaded from unsecured sources such as and
Activities The adware tends to make changes on the homepage and new tab URL bar settings, provide intrusive advertising posts, and redirect the user to odd websites some of which might appear to be malware-laden
Detection(s) According to VirusTotal, the app has been detected as malicious by 4 AV tools and as spam by 1 AV tool violations

2CR-015: The domain has been marked as malicious by 4 AV engines and as spam by 1 AV tool

The domain has been marked as malicious by 4 AV engines and as spam by 1 AV tool