Deceiving domain - is a URL address that provides a search engine for users to browse through on Google Chrome or any other web browser. If visited intentionally, this page does not pose any significant risks, although in case the domain is embedded within the browser cannot be removed - it is associated with a browser hijacking issue.

Because users are unable to revert the homepage, they might start using the search engine provided by on a daily basis. Behind their backs, a variety of information will be gathered about the web browsing activities, as well as other anonymous information (IP address, the operating system installed, its version, used web browsers, etc.).

The search engine of provides multiple sponsored links at the top of search results - it generates monetary benefit for the developers of the website/potentially unwanted application; in the meantime, users might experience slowdowns of the web browser, visits to suspicious websites, overall increased amount of ads, and similar disturbances.

Type Browser hijacker
Search engine The search engine provided by the hijacker is called Live Start PageĀ 
Delivery method Most of the browser hijackers are distributed via software bundling packages or installed intentionally by users who are not familiar with their functionality
Alleged function The hijacker presents itself as a useful alternative tool that can enhance the web browsing experience, although its main interest is gathering of users' information and revenue gain from a pay-per-click scheme violations

2CR-015: is included in 2-spyware database is included in 2-spyware database