Deceiving domain -

Type: Adware is a dangerous URL that is set to redirect users' online traffic to various advertising services. It appears in the browser address bar once the user clicks on an infected link and displays offers, deals, or clickbait content which is aimed to attract views and page visits. This is nothing but a pay-per-click, revenue-driven cyber infection. 

The website shows different content regarding the particular malvertising campaign, but the biggest issue is that redirects users to questionable material, and there is no guarantee that you won't end up on an unsafe website. People behind such a page can also track their victims to continue to redirect them to commercial services by displaying eye-catching content.

The website
Type of the threat Adware/PUP/Redirect virus
Symptoms The website redirects to other sites where commercial pop-ups keep showing up and preventing the user from accessing the material or even exiting the domain. Additional pop-ups, banners, blinking boxes get on the screen to generate views and page visits on related pages. In time, the number of ads increases
Distribution methods Other deceptive sites include direct PUP download scripts; freeware installations lead to additional downloads of adware-type applications. One PUP infection can quickly trigger the installation of more intruders
Main danger Ad-tracking functionality that ad-supported sites and apps have can lead to issues with privacy, identity theft, and result in more severe scam campaigns violations

2CR-015: The URL is included in the database of anti-spyware tools