Deceiving domain - is the deceptive site that supposedly resembles the online shopping page that is related and used as an adware-type program. The page redirects users to other websites without any permissions and generates revenue from views and page visits. Various banners, pop-ups, blinking boxes, and similar commercial content keeps from accessing normal material on the screen.

The page itself is injected with adware programs or misused by the potentially unwanted program developers, so clicks on cause redirects to other ad-supported sites or pop-ups, banners, blinking boxes appearing on the screen out of nowhere. Then the page and additional material can deceive people into visiting pages filled with malicious material or scripts that trigger downloads of toolbars, optimization utilities, other PUP products.

Tons of advertisements marked using “Waiting for”, “Transferring data from”, “Looking up”, “Read”, or similar message indicates the source of the advertisements. 

Type of threat Adware/ redirect virus or a potentially unwanted program
Distribution Freeware installations, other cyber threats, deceptive pages, misleading advertisements can all lead to stealthy infiltrations of such adware programs
Possible damage Programs like this can inject web browsers with additional toolbars, extensions, and different material that affects speed or performance of the machine itself. Also, ad-supported programs can easily access, track and collect information about the user, so your privacy is possibly in danger violations

2CR-015: The page is included in the database of AV tools