Deceiving domain - is the shady search engine that controls what pages users can get exposed to and what content generally is shown on the screen. This is a browser hijacker because the page alters homepage, default search engine, new tab settings, and other similar preferences on every browser running on the machine. This engine can even trigger installations of additional redirects, toolbars, unwanted extensions. 

If you experience redirects and all the settings get changed to this page, you should be aware that it is more likely caused by the PUP or another shady program that focuses on interfering with the machine. Such pages, redirects, each pop-up, banner, and content that is shown on the screen all can participate in the data tracking activities. Such material can easily access, record, and keep information about the visitors, viewers, and any users that experience PUP symptoms on their devices.

Apps like this target users browsing history, most viewed items, and visited sites. Every click, page visit can reveal such details that are valuable and needed for advertising campaigns and shady third-party activities. You cannot be sure that information is not shared with other companies. 

Type of threat Browser hijacker/ Potentially unwanted program
Danger Data tracking and third-party involvement raises many questions
Distribution It comes wither with a questionable AV tool or different software violations

2CR-015: The site is included on the database of anti-malware tools

2CR-004: The sire adds questionable engine as default search page

The sire adds questionable engine as default search page