Deceiving domain - is a domain that offers to download a tool for video managing. This type of feature might appear handy but there is more yet to come if you get the app. First of all, it gets installed as an add-on on your web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Afterward, you are likely to receive an excessive amount of advertising that can bring various questionable offers and deals to you.

Furthermore, KeepVid can cause redirects to other sources. According to its Terms of Service, the developers refuse to take any responsibility if the user gets taken to some type of website while employing the services. Keep in mind that you can easily get thrown to a location that includes malware installations in harmless-looking links or advertisements.

Even though is the official downloading source of the tool, the product is likely to appear by manipulating the users and entering the targeted devices via software bundles. A lot of people are likely to skip important downloading steps, so developers can easily infiltrate their wanted products into the systems.

Category Potentially unwanted program
Activities The app can produce intrusive advertisements on the computer screen and start redirecting the user to affiliate sources while employing its services
Danger You can get taken to a potentially malicious domain while employing this app violations

2CR-015: The domain has been listed as a suspicious one by some security researchers