Deceiving domain -

Type: Adware is a suspicious website that tries to increase the user number on games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and gaming network If you ever end up on this page, do not get too excited by seeing games or gaming app offers as they are provided to collect revenue. Nevertheless, clicking on unknown locations on a third-party network might get you redirected elsewhere dangerous or at least potentially suspicious.

Clear and simple - virus operates as an adware program. Advertising and redirecting will likely flood your computer frequently if you continue using this website's provided services. Continuously, ad-supported applications are able to inject browser helper objects such as extensions or plug-ins and also interfere with major browser settings. So, do not be surprised to see changes in the homepage or new tab search of your browser after the adware attack.

Type Adware program
Aim This third-party product aims to promote various gaming apps and services online
Promotions If you ever land on this domain, you will supposedly see that it intensively advertises games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and a gaming network known as
Distribution PUPs such as adware can travel through software bundling, infectious hyperlinks/ads, outdated software, etc. violations

2CR-015: is detected as a suspicious URL by ESET is detected as a suspicious URL by ESET