Deceiving domain - is a promotional website that pushes computer maintenance tools that should perform as security programs and improve the speed of your machine. This domain offers to install system tools, malware protection software or driver updater utility. All the claims state that software is valuable and going to solve computer frustrations. Firstly, the software is offered to download for free but complete protection, and all the features can only be performed with a licensed version that costs at least €36 per year.

WinZip System Utilities Suite costs €48.34, WinZip Malware Protector is offered for the same price, and WinZip Driver Updater is distributed for €36.24 per year. There are other offers on the same page that may lore people into purchasing bundles or use discounts and get these programs.

Unfortunately, there is no value from these suspicious programs since free versions only deliver fake results and promote the "full" version. Claims about instant scans and protection, put-of-date files, and driver detection are created to lure people. According to many users, the list of drivers or malware shortens once you install the paid version on the machine, and there is nothing the program can do on the computer anymore.

Type of intruder Rogue system tools
Issues Promotional content pushes applications and tools that have no value for the system even when the person pays for the software
Prices Differ from €36.24 to €48.34 per year
Promoted tools

System Utilities Suite - optimizer and system maintenance;

Malware Protector - system protection program that detects spyware, adware, and trojans, or worms;

Driver Updater - updater that replaces outdated or corrupt drivers.

Initial purpose Push users to pay  for licensed versions of system programs and install useless software in the machine violations

2CR-015: Multiple AV vendors detect the app as potentially unwanted

Multiple AV vendors detect the app as potentially unwanted