Deceiving domain -

Type: Adware is an adware-based domain that offers to download a browser plug-in to view worldwide news sources on a daily basis. If you receive this suspicious component on your web browser, you will supposedly experience adware activities such as frequent advertising and redirecting during online sessions. The program might promote misleading deals and convince you to purchase suspicious products for and inadequate price.

Continuously, Breaking News Alert adware might start tracking your browsing history and habits by injecting beacons, pixels, or HTTP cookies into your web browser apps. Furthermore, if a browser gets hijacked, you will spot unexpected changes in the homepage and new tab search sections. Keep in mind that such alterings can be diminished only after removing the adware from both the operating system and the infected browser application.

Name, Breaking News Alert
Type Adware/potentially unwanted program
Detection namesĀ  The adware has been detected as malware and malicious by two AV engines, according to VirusTotal
Goal To promote a third-party plug-in that supposedly allows users to track news via popular sources on a daily basis
Tasks The adware program can perform advertising, redirecting, browser modifying, and non-personal data tracking activities
Spreads by PUPs like this one are spread via bundles of software, come placed on unsecured networks and their hyperlinks, ads or camouflage as a fake software update violations

2CR-015: domain has been detected as malicious by two AV engines domain has been detected as malicious by two AV engines