Deceiving domain -

Type: Adware is an unsafe website that can show scams such as ERROR 0xC004FC03. This URL has been flagged as malicious by Avira, CyRadar, Kaspersky, Sophos AV, CRDF, Fortinet, and Netcraft antivirus.

ERROR 0xC004FC03 scam poses a serious risk to users as it provides fake information. The pop-up message claims about malware and pornographic spyware discovered on the computer system and that the only way to avoid system corruption is to dial the fake tech support number.

Besides, ERROR 0xC004FC03 scam fakes that personal information has been put at risk of exposure and that immediate actions need to be taken to secure data. However, all of these claims are fake and the hackers might try to swindle money or data from you if you give them a call.

Name 0xC004FC03 scam
Type Technical support scam
Goal The hackers aim to threaten users about system failure and data exposure risk in order to convince people to call them via the fake tech support number
Detections According to VirusTotal, the page where the scam might appear has been detected as malicious and phishing by several AV programs violations

2CR-015: The page is considered to be malicious by multiple AV engines

The page is considered to be malicious by multiple AV engines