Deceiving domain -

Type: Adware is the deceptive page showing deceptive content and pop-ups with suggestions to allow additional notifications. This is the domain that tricks people into visiting other associated sites, so data gets tracked and views, page visits generated. This is how online advertisers make a profit from their visitors and why ad-supported sites show up on the screen constantly. automatically counts any interaction with suspicious pop-ups as an agreement to get notifications and other material delivered to the screen directly even when the browser is closed. Push notifications start coming, and browser settings get changed to allow this and possibly other pages to create frustration.

The website is delivering additional layers on the web browser so the visitor cannot exit the page easily and is forced to continue on those sponsored pages. is the result of an adware-type intruder that runs in the background and can affect more than time online with its redirects. 

Type of the cyber threat Adware/ redirect virus
Main danger Redirects expose to questionable content and can even lead to malware-laced pages and serious infections
Distribution Freeware installations when installers get corrupted and include bundled PUPs, deceptive pages, other programs, and shady applications
Appears on MacOS devices and Windows OS based machines violations

2CR-15: Is in the database of security software

2CR-007: The site shows additional pop-ups to keep the visitor on the same page

The site shows additional pop-ups to keep the visitor on the same page