Deceiving domain -

Type: Adware is the adware-type intruder that looks legitimate and harmless enough, so people keep visiting the page for their benefits. However, continuous surfing on such page leads to other advertisers, commercial content creators, and promotional websites. There is nothing valuable, so you only get exposed to suspicious material.

Additionally, developers and operators are not responsible for the content coming from different sources and other services, so you cannot be sure that those sites are safe to visit. Malware can be offered on various hacked pages or corrupted sites, so commercial redirects can lead to malware infiltration without your knowledge.

Also, clicking on additional pop-ups, delivers automatically agrees to changed content settings on your browser. This adware causes push notifications on your screen immediately and affects the speed more and more with an increased amount of redirects, banners, and pop-ups.

Type of the threat Adware/ redirect virus
Main symptoms Adware causes issues with the speed and performance of the machine because pop-ups, banners, and redirects keep the traffic one-sided to commercial pages, mostly associated with the same publisher
Danger Ad-supported sites focus on tracking the data about visitors that can be used in later advertising campaigns. There is no specific information that such recorded details cannot end up in the hands of crooks
Distribution methods Freeware installations with pre-bundled adware that mostly come from deceptive sites, torrent services or shady program distributors violations

2CR-015: The site is included in the database of security software