Deceiving domain -

Type: Adware is the site that deceives visitors by delivering pop-ups and other content on the browser, so the person continues on the page. Unfortunately, the additional pop-up appearing on the site also aims to trick people into subscribing for either push notifications or different content.

Any click on the browser can trigger online traffic reroutes from to any other site with commercial content. The interaction with the pop-up can also count as an agreement to the additional pop-ups and notifications. This is pretty much unavoidable because when the screen is filled up with ads, you cannot quickly exit the window or continue on a popular site. exposes the victim to tons of different pages, possibly filled with malware or leading to varying problems regarding data tracking or even privacy issues. This misleading website causes pop-ups and redirects, so once the person gets on a hacked site, he or she has no other option to click on ads and generate views that can be monetized by the publisher.

Type of threat Adware
Tactics Social engineering tactics allow tricking people into visiting those shady pages and subscribing to notifications coming to your screen directly, so redirects can occur more often and help adware to generate views
Aim To generate views, page visits, and collect profit
Distribution Freeware bundles allow PUPs to come directly on targeted machines and run in the background since the infiltration is not noticeable at first violations

2CR-015: The site is included on the database of anti-spyware software

2CR-007: The page deceives the visitor to allow ads by providing misleading content

The page deceives the visitor to allow ads by providing misleading content