Deceiving domain -

Type: Adware is a third-party website that aims to provide brand stories but truly acts as intrusive adware. This app drops unwanted pop-up notifications on Androids and Windows/macOS computers. The adds might bring unreliable offers and deals, get the user involved in various scams, surveys, and questionnaires that ask to provide personal information or some credential details. You should be aware not to do that as your private data can get easily exposed and your banking information can be misused for money swindling by secretly subscribing you to unknown services.

The adware can also perform redirecting sessions to affiliate domains that might also be filled with sponsored offers. Also, you need to be aware that such locations can come filled with malicious products and aim to settle on your device system very easily. Other activities that can be related to Sigonews are collecting information regarding your browsing sessions and modifying web browser settings such as the default homepage and new tab URL bar.

Type Adware/Potentially unwanted program
Target This suspicious app can appear on Android mobile phone devices, settle on Windows and macOS computer systems
Activities The adware can fill your browsing sessions with unwanted advertisements, redirect you to affiliate domains, collect information related to your online activities, and modify web browser settings such as the homepage and new tab URL violations

2CR-015: The suspicious third-party website has been flagged as potentially suspicious by multiple cybersecurity websites