Deceiving domain - is the deceptive site that shows questionable verification or notification pop-ups to trick people into subscribing to additional content from this or related pages. It is a rogue website that gives no value because it is designed to trigger pop-ups and redirects to other similar sites. is closely related to adware-type intruders and advertisers, commercial content creators. Once the person clicks Allow on the pop-up delivered on the page subscription to push notifications gets automatically added, and the desktop itself is filled with notifications from the browser when the browser is closed or not in use.

The page is not malicious or dangerous in any significant way, but the content that all the redirects show to a person can lead to the installation of more serious cyber threats than the potentially unwanted program. This misleading site works as a PUP distribution method.

Type of malware-related Adware/ Push notifications virus
The aim As any other ad-supported site it focuses on redirects and rerouting online traffic to sponsored pages
Distribution Freeware installations, deceptive sites, other unwanted programs, online content that triggers PUP downloads
Damage The ad-tracking technique leads to privacy issues because program providers, sponsors, and other third-party companies can access, track and record details about users' online preferences. Based on such data, advertisers can generate and deliver personalized commercial content to people violations

2CR-015: The URL is included on the spyware database

2CR-001: The site shows pop-ups with various suggestions to keep the user interacted

The site shows pop-ups with various suggestions to keep the user interacted