Deceiving domain - is a questionable website that claims to operate as a news source but truly can provide misleading information and includes adware features. If you are ever infected with the PUP, you can expect to be loaded with intrusive advertisements every time you open the web browser that got attacked. This can include any type of app such as Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Edge, and Safari. can also get responsible for the redirecting activities that you start receiving while dealing with the adware. The PUP most of the time tends to take the user to sponsored sources, however, you also have a chance of landing on a potentially infectious domain.

The adware does not come on its own to the computer system. It is mostly bundled with other free products from the Internet and sources such as,,, and The PUP itself can also bring other unwanted software to the device, i.e. browser hijackers, other adware, etc.

Category Adware/PUP
Activities Advertising and redirecting during web browser sessions
Danger You can get thrown to a potentially malicious website violations

: The app has been marked as a potentially unwanted program by various security researchers