Deceiving domain - is the website that claims to offer various features of the search engine, allegedly improved website that has everything in one place. Games, videos, news, shopping pages, and social media or music can be found on the "Smart site". However, this is neither useful nor legitimate or trustworthy because the page is considered to be a fake search engine that cannot even display any proper search results.

When attempted to search via search engine pop-up error delivers the message that there is no possibility to get results. However, this potentially unwanted program or browser hijacker, to be more specific, can inject itself on the mobile devices that run Android OS or on computers without much effort.

This is one of the millions of PUPs delivered via freeware installations and similar misleading pages. Once it gets on the machine preferences on the browser gets altered, homepage, new tab, search engine set to or another related domain and every search, browsing session redirected through various advertising pages, commercial sites, and so on.

Type of intruder Browser hijacker/ Potentially unwanted program
Distribution Freeware providers that bundled PUPs alongside applications and misleading pages that trigger automatic downloads of in-browser threats
Damage PUPs expose the user to possibly malicious content and can track data about his or her preferences while browsing online, use that information in later advertising campaigns or share with malicious thrid-parties violations

2CR-015: The URL is included in the database of AV tools

2CR-004: Alters default preferences and sets itself as main search provider

Alters default preferences and sets itself as main search provider