Deceiving domain - is a malicious website that users may start getting redirected to via their Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave, Safari, or any other browser. The domain tries to establish background connections within the browser without permission and direct users' traffic to unknown URLs. The reason for unwanted behavior is usually related to adware that was installed on the system unintentionally, a malicious browser extension, or caches that are stored on Google's sync servers. should never be trusted, as it may expose users to scam, phishing, malvertising, and other dangerous techniques. Redirects may also lead to sites that can exploit web browser vulnerabilities to install malware automatically. is also marked as malicious by several anti-virus vendors, including Fortinet, Norton, Dr. Web, and others.

Type Redirect virus
Infection means Software bundle packages, clicks on malicious links, fake updates, and other methods
Aim To establish unsolicited background connections to ad-filled or malware-laden domains without permission and retain ad-revenue in the process
Detection 5 anti-virus vendors recognize as malicious violations

2CR-015: is detected as malicious by several anti-malware applications is detected as malicious by several anti-malware applications