Deceiving domain -

Type: Browser Hijackers is the deceptive page that claims to provide the tool that keeps your searches private and improves the experience online by showing controlled results, providing sponsored ads, and other content that supposedly is more secure. However, this is the fake search engine that is considered to be a potentially unwanted program involved with bogus advertisers and other deceptive programs.

Instead of providing improved results or more secure online browsing processes, delivers advertisements above any search results at first, so all the needed sites can get views and visits from you and other victims of the said infection. Traffic control is the main goal of browser hijackers and similar browser-based threats.

When the potentially unwanted program that manages these activities is affecting the machine, gets set as the main preference for search engine, homepage, new tab, and other settings. These are symptoms of the main intruder, so you need to clean the machine from the infection itself.

Possible malware Browser hijacker or potentially unwanted program
Distribution Freeware installation process when the option selected allows all included programs delivers such intruders like browser hijackers, and other programs like this one can easily load the infection on the computer directly
Damage PUPs can expose you to harmful material and lead to more severe infections of malware. You also cannot be sure that sponsored ads delivered to you are not dangerous violations

2CR-015: The site is included on the database of AV tools

2CR-004: The domain gets changed into default search engine and homepage on various web browsers

The domain gets changed into default search engine and homepage on various web browsers