Deceiving domain - is a URL managing web page that provides its services as modern and handy for collecting monetary benefits. You might also think the same while encountering this website but trust us, there are more potentially unwanted activities yet to come. First of all, you are likely to get loaded with ads that sponsor various offers and deals for swindling money or personal data from users. 

Furthermore, can start initiating redirects to other sponsored domains. However, here is a risk of capturing malicious infections as you can accidentally land on a malware-laden source. Also, since this domain is related to adware, you are likely to get your none-personal information tracked by technologies such as cookies, pixels, and beacons that get planted into web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

Potentially unwanted programs such as might seem to appear like out of nowhere but they do not. Developers employ the software bundling method and include their apps into software packages. After that, less-experienced users visit secondary-downloading websites and download the bundled programs with the adware included.

Type Potentially unwanted program
Activities This app can relate to intrusive advertising activities, redirects to affiliate domains, and collecting users' browsing-related information
Distribution Developers use deceptive techniques such as software bundling to install adware on systems violations

2CR-015: The questionable website has already been included as a PUP into the lists of some cybersecurity researchers