Deceiving domain - is the domain of an adware app that offers to view the latest news online. If you install this extension intentionally or accidentally, you are likely to find browser modifications on the homepage and new tab section. These types of changes can infect any surfing app including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Furthermore, intrusive and misleading advertisements are yet to come. View Live News Promos adware provides people with bogus-looking offers and deals that start appearing every time when the user is completing a browsing session. This type of activity diminishes the browsing quality and forces browser apps to struggle and crash.

To add, can end up forcing reroutes to other sponsored domains some of which might be infected with malware. This way you can get your computer system attacked too. Also, View Live News Promos is capable of tracking non-personal and some contact information about the user. The app can record what types of websites you have visited, the ads and links you clicked, saved bookmarks, IP addresses, and so on. Besides, you can get your mobile phone number and email address captured too and shared with other parties for monetary income. Beware not to install this app from the Google Chrome web store where it is advertised. However, it is more likely to enter PCs through a deceptive technique known as "software bundling" that you should also have in mind. This means that you can receive View Live News Promos together with additional products that you download and install from the Internet.

Type Adware/PUP
Activities Placing advertisements on the computer screen, initiating redirects during browsing sessions, collecting information about the user's browsing history and gathering contact data, initiating changes on the web browser's homepage and new tab bar
Distribution Even though you can get the extension directly from the Google Chrome web store, you are more likely to receive the suspicious app through a technique known as "bundling" that involves downloading freeware or shareware from secondary sources violations

2CR-015: The questionable app has been categorized as adware and a PUP by multiple cybersecurity researchers