Deceiving domain - is the site that offers YouTube video converting as a service. It claims about legitimacy, usefulness and other features that should encourage people to rely on the page as a tool that allows getting favorite video in the audio format. However, this is illegal and goes against copyrighted content creators.

In addition to this activity, triggers tons of redirects to shady domains that show commercial content or do nothing besides rerouting to a number of other useless sites. It also injects adds on sites that never contain commercial banners or pop-ups.

When the initial PUP is installed this behavior increases daily and the machine becomes affected even more. There are many advertising services and PUP developers that can be associated with this domain and show their material for you continuously. You need to avoid clicking on anything because deceptive material exposes you to malicious material.

Malware type Adware/ redirect virus
Distribution Freeware installations lead to potentially unwanted programs when the software bundling is employed or deceptive sites like this and other redirecting domains trigger the automatic download of the adware or malicious application
Danger These sites claim about useful features, so people use the service and don't pay attention to details and can encounter all the redirects to harmful sites where malware is often distributed violations

2CR-015: This URL is specified as suspicious by security experts