Deceiving domain - is an untrustworthy website that has been designed for website monetisation purposes. It causes the web browser's redirects to third-party domains to artificially to increase visitors' rate. Besides, it reroutes people to domains promoting untrustworthy software. 

The is a potentially dangerous domain that can return altered search results and display the same pop-ups and banner ads repeatedly. Since the domain work on a particular schedule, it reroutes to the same websites and generates similar ads regularly. Therefore, it is not difficult to perceive that the browser has been hijacked. 

THE THREAT Adware or redirect virus
DANGER This website poses a potential risk of entering a potentially dangerous website or repeatedly seeing advertisements that contain potentially dangerous or offensive content. Additionally, its developers use tracking software to collect information about peoples' web browsing activities. Thus, it can lead to privacy violations. 
DISTRIBUTION The adware or redirect virus gets installed as an additional component of freeware installers. This can be prevented by choosing Advanced installation method and deselecting add-ons. violations

2CR-015: is detected by at least one anti-malware vendor is detected by at least one anti-malware vendor