Deceiving domain - is the domain that offers service which is considered illegal because it involves converting content that belongs to authors. This is pirating services-resembling behavior, so the site also has relations with advertising services and third-party companies that rely on the push of their own products and software. Advertisements that fill up the screen when you try to use this service can contain malicious material and trigger issues with performance, PUP installations.

Even though the domain is not considered malicious is associated with advertisers and PUP developers, shady third-party companies that focus on commercial content delivery. If you visit the page, use the service and do not pay enough attention, you can get even pore shady apps installed or even suffer from privacy issues, identity theft when the collected data gets exposed to dangerous sources.

All this behavior is mainly caused by the redirect virus or adware-type cyber threat that managed to get on the system via freeware installations or from similar misleading and deceptive pages that trigger automatic browser-based virus downloads. 

Type of malware Adware/ redirect virus
Symptoms Ads from various sites fill up the screen, clicking on them triggers redirects and other issues with performance or speed
Damage PUPs can freely install shady tools and applications, gather data and share those details with third-party companies violations

2CR-015: The domain is included on the database that contains suspicious pages and possibly dangerous content

2CR-007: The site shows pop-up that keep users engaged and on the website for longer

The site shows pop-up that keep users engaged and on the website for longer