Deceiving domain - is the site that shows pop-ups, advertising material, and other content that triggers redirects, new windows, and other stuff that triggers speed issues and diminishes the performance of the machine. Once the PUP gets on the computer or even mobile device it starts showing promotional ads and opening many unwanted sites to cause annoyance.

All the Rsecompa redirects appear out of nowhere because the adware program chooses what sites to show on the screen. In most cases, deceptive pages open up with the reboot of your device and even get triggered when the web browser is closed. It all happens with push notifications too because those come directly on the screen when the browser is not opened and shows links to adult sites, gambling platforms, services, or even malicious pages.

When shows promotional ads or leads to free download sites, you can get exposed to material that triggers automatic installations of PUPs and other shady software. When this happens, the performance of the infected machine suffers more issues and can get vulnerable to other threats.

Type of the threat Adware
Distribution Freeware installations include PUPs as additional parts and load them automatically on the system when recommended options get chosen
Damage PUPs can track and record information for advertisers about users' browsing habits violations

2CR-015: The site is included on the spyware database

2CR-007: Pop-ups and additional windows keep the user on the site

Pop-ups and additional windows keep the user on the site