Deceiving domain - is an unreliable search provider that can be accessed manually or set by a potentially unwanted program installed on the computer. These unwanted applications typically travel within software bundles and get installed without user permission. Once settled, such apps change the homepage, new tab URL, and the search engine of the installed browsers to be able to manipulate search results, which are filled with sponsored links and ads.

As a result, might lead users to unreliable, suspicious, and dangerous sources, resulting in the installation of potentially unwanted applications or malware, sensitive data disclosure to unknown parties, or financial losses due to encountered scams. also uses deceptive tactics in order to make users believe that it is reliable. Each tab is shown as "Google," despite it not being the case. In such a way, developers of the website/browser hijacking apps are trying to mislead users into believing that they are using reliable search engine.

Type Browser hijacker
  • Displays altered search results filled with sponsored links;
  • Misleads users by showing them Google's name;
  • Is distributed via deceptive tactics, such as software bundling or fake updates;
  • Tracks users' searchers with the help of such technologies as cookies violations

ACR-007: displays Google's name on the browser's new tab displays Google's name on the browser's new tab