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Type: Adware is the redirect site that displays either the message encouraging to allow notifications or goes straight to online gambling, betting, gaming sites or adult platforms, dating services and triggers more pop-ups, banners that create frustration and annoying symptoms. In most cases, people who encounter these redirects can avoid clicking on anything and manages to avoid infiltration of more severe threats.

Unfortunately, the page itself is considered not safe and possibly harmful since it triggers redirects to ransom sites with ad-tracking functions and advertising purposes. You should note that any push notification virus or redirecting threat is not responsible for the third-party material that you get exposed to eventually. Any commercial site can be considered dangerous and cause issues with your machine and even damage the system.

Type of the threat Adware/ Redirect virus/ Push notifications virus
Distribution This potentially unwanted program is the one that can get installed silently because the download is triggered by the malicious page or is initiated automatically when the freeware gets installed from the unreliable source or user skips through important stepsĀ 
Issues The PUP is associated with advertisers and third-party content creators, commercial sites that promote and distribute such programs like the adware, so data tracking is the common feature and other PUPs can get installed without additional permission violations

2CR-015: The site is included on the spyware database due to questionable activities

2CR-007: The site shows pop-ups and browser messages to keep the users on the page

The site shows pop-ups and browser messages to keep the users on the page