Deceiving domain -

Type: Browser Hijackers is a rogue search engine that is set to display altered Yahoo search results. It is affiliated with third-parties and set to display sponsored content among its search results that it is not responsible for. Moreover, it may display questionable ads and popup ads that redirect web browsers to shardy third-party websites. 

The website can't be set as a default start page manually, though its plug-in is actively distributed via freeware bundles and set by default if the user of the machine fails to deselect the installer. The lack of user's choice to install this search site allow cybersecurity experts to classify it as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). 

Searchaize redirects can expose people to potentially dangerous websites were malware is actively promoted. Therefore, experts do not recommend using it for browsing the web. Aside from intrusive redirects and sponsored content delivered to the users, this domain may use tracking software and record browsing history information. 

Classification Browser hijacker/ Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP)
Symptoms Altered start page, search provider, new tab window, plug-ins list, etc. 
Danger level Low. No direct damage is done to the system. However, the displayed content is in question violations

2CR-015: The website is included in the database of PUPs by multiple cybersecurity vendors