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Type: System tools is a website that hosts third-party software that is designed to update Windows system drivers automatically. However, many security vendors detect the application as unsafe or even malicious, so downloading ITL Driver Updater is not advisable.

Driver updates are often advertised as tools that can speed up the computer performance, fix crashes, freezes, and other serious Windows issues. These symptoms are rarely caused by drivers, and most necessary ones are typically downloaded with Windows updates.

In other words, regular users rarely need to update drivers, so visiting is discouraged due to fraudulent claims about drivers and their impact on a Windows machine.

Type The official website of ITL Driver Updater software
Developer Innovana Thinklabs Limited
Deception Product authors claim that updated drivers can speed up computer performance "by 50% or more" while there are no backing to these claims

ITL Driver Updater  might be distributed via software bundles, and also has questionable functionality. Several anti-virus vendors recognize the application as potentially unwanted or malicious (Virus Total results):

  • PUA.GT32SupportGeeks!8.E56B (CLOUD)
  • Generic/HEUR/QVM10.2.A115.Malware.Gen
  • PUP.Optional.PCVARK
  • Malicious (high Confidence)
  • Program.Unwanted.4810
  • PUP/InstallCore
  • A Variant Of MSIL/GT32SupportGeeks.AC Potentiall
  • Unsafe.AI_Score_93%
  • Malicious violations

: Software hosted on is detected by several anti-malware tools

Software hosted on is detected by several anti-malware tools