Deceiving domain -

Type: Browser Hijackers is a search site that is closely related to third party advertisers. Although this site seems to be legitimate and useful (quick access links, inbuilt PDF converter, cryptocurrency converter, and other services), it's not clear what it does and what are its real functions. 

The website is promoted via the SearchConverterz Chrome extension. The extension with an inbuilt search engine and start page are usually spread bundled with other freeware, thus tricking people into installing with unintentionally. Due to this reason, this site has been included in the list of Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) and browser hijackers. 

Although it is not malicious, experts do not recommend using engine as it can present people with sponsored content. As stated in its End User License Agreement, developers of this search have no responsibility for the third-party content that the search may contain among search results, thus using the app and clicking on any potentially dangerous content is at your own risk. 


Type Browser hijacker, Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP)
Symptoms The search engine emerges on the web browser without downloading it on the system purposely. Typing a search query generates search results via sponsored Yahoo engine. Ads, banners, and hyperlinks can emerge on randomly visited sites
Danger The website is not dangerous. However, it may generate potentially dangerous third-party content, which is not recommended clicking on
Removal  People can eliminate virus manually (delete malware and reset web browser) or run a scan with a reputable AV engine violations

2CR-015: The site replaces a default start page and search provider without authorization