Deceiving domain -

Type: Browser Hijackers is a search site that is basically used for advertising and traffic monetization. Although it does not exhibit malicious traits, security specialists recommend restraining from using it because of questionable sponsorship. The main purpose of this site is to boost the traffic of its affiliates and generate pay-per-click revenue, so keeping it won't be useful for you. 

In comparison to the most valuable search engines, this one has nothing to offer for its users. Neither it gives reliable search results, nor its inbuilt services have value. Instead, every web browsing session can be disrupted by intrusive ads and redirects to domains where people are asked to click on push notifications or other content. 

To perform the tasks, the is set to alter the web browser's settings. It settles down as a start page and new tab window. Besides, it generates sponsored search results via rogue Yahoo-related search. Since the links and ads provided can be linked to potentially dangerous sites of its sponsors, the site is not recommended using. 

Type Browser hijacker, potentially unwanted program (PUP)
Symptoms Hijacks web browsers by altering settings. Upon successful infiltration seeks to generate sponsored ads and reroute traffic to affiliated sites
Removal The elimination of hijackers can be performed both manually and automatically. It's up to you which method to choose, except that the automatic removal ensures the removal of all PUPs violations

2CR-004: The website does not require user's permission to alter web browser's settings

2CR-015: The site is labeled as potentially dangerous by several cybersecurity vendors