Deceiving domain -

Type: Browser Hijackers is an official domain where the Auto Purge browser hijacker is being distributed. According to some users, this website is often automatically opened on their web browsers and they are offered to download the extension for free. The domain may be promoted via affiliate parties, so if the machine is infected with adware, a web browser may reroute to suchlike download sites on a regular basis. 

The domain itself is non-malicious, i.e. no misleading pop-ups, redirects, or click-to-download ads added. However, the claims that are used to represent the Auto Purge extension for Chrome are questionable. The application is said to protect users' privacy online and delete Chrome's web browsing history automatically. However, the extension is set to promote sponsored search engines, generate sponsored content, and record user's web browsing history. Therefore, experts agree upon classifying this application as potentially unwanted (PUP). Besides, it fits the group of browser hijackers as it may be downloaded inadvertently as a component of freeware. In this case, the user lacks the choice to decide whether he or she needs an application or not. 

Classification Malware download site that promotes a browser hijacker
Promoted app Auto Purge
Danger The website is not dangerous. However, it uses misleading claims to make people download the PUP
Elimination If your web browser keeps redirecting you to this domain, check the system for malware. It may be that adware keeps opening the site. 
Removal The promoted extension can be eliminated in a regular way, i.e. manually by changing browser's settings or automatically with a reliable anti-malware tool violations

2CR-015: The site is labeled as potentially dangerous by a group of security vendors