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Type: Browser Hijackers is a search site developed and maintained by SEARCH TECHNOLOGY Ltd. From the initial view, it looks like a normal search provider, though it's considered to be a browser hijacker and Potentially Unwanted Application. The search has been caught spreading in bundles with freeware apps, thus tricking people into installing it accidentally. 

Upon installation, it alters the settings of the web browser in order to make a default start page and search provider. Such unauthorized alterations cause inconveniences. Moreover, it may also display sponsored content, initiate web browser redirects through servers.

Besides, the site may cause privacy violations. As stated in its Privacy Policy, the search may automatically gather browser-related information (IP address, geolocation), inject tracking cookies to record browsing history, and allow third-party tracking software. Therefore, this search should not be trusted. 

Classification Browser hijacker and Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA)
Reasons for classification This browser hijacker exhibits intrusive behavior:
- alters web browser's settings without asking for permission;
- it loads sponsored content (ads, pop-ups, hyperlinks);
- web browser continuously reroutes to suspicious sites via server;
- it renders tracking cookies and harvests browsing-related information without authorization.
Removal Automatic malware removal is recommended violations

2CR-004: The site is capable of replacing the default search engine in order to take control over the browsing traffic

2CR-015: The site is recognised as malware by reputable AV vendors