Cerber returns with Help_help_help version

Cerber returns with Help_help_help version snapshot

In 2016, Cerber was nominated the most dangerous ransomware of the year. Recently, security experts reported about Help_help_help version which could prove that we will still need to discuss about this ransomware virus in 2017. The name of this malware was selected after the *HELP_HELP_HELP*.hta file which is saved on the desktop right after this malware manages to infiltrate the system. Typically, the main task of this file is to inform the user about encrypted files and convince him/her to buy Cerber Decrypter which is said to be the only way to save these files. We should repeat once again that ransom payment is not the best solution as you can never know if the code which you typically get after making a payment is the real one. Also, you can be scammed and tricked into installing another virus on your computer.

Those who want to stay safe from the infiltration of Cerber Help_Help_Help virus should remember that recent versions of this malware are spread with the help of invoice-related email messages having JavaScript attachments added to them. The latest examples were named as “DOC{10 digit}-PDF.js” but you can run into other one as well. For the installation of the ransomware, hackers are using two versions of Nemucod virus: JS/Nemucod.GE!Eldorado and JS/Nemucod.ED1!Eldorado. If you have a strong anti-virus installed on your computer, it should not let these threats infiltrate the system. Otherwise, they can hide inside it for months and be launched once the certain time comes. No matter that there are several viruses that are trying to upstage this threat, Cerber is the one that has to be monitored closer than other ones.