DNS Unlocker virus renewed its activities

DNS Unlocker virus renewed its activities snapshot

DNS Unlocker virus has already infected thousands of computer users. Just like a typical adware, it has been causing commercial pop-up ads and fake notifications pushing people into downloading fake updates or programs. According to the latest news, the creators of DNSUnlocker virus decided to launch a new campaign that relies on a fake security message offering people to install a fake scanner. The message warns people that their Windows operating system has some errors that might be affecting computer’s performance. Then, it suggests scanning the computer with some “PC Clean-up and Repair Tool” and fixing these issues. If you received such message, do not consider installing any software. It’s just a new way used by hackers to spread their viruses and make the money.

It becomes clear that DNS Unlocker is now trying to promote “technical support” ads that helps hackers increase the amount of infected PC users. After making users concerned, adware tries to trick them into clicking the ad and downloading “recommended” software. However, if you don’t want to become a victim of rogue anti-spyware or malware, you should not even think about clicking these ads! Bear in mind that legal update warnings are displayed right after you turn on your computer. Such fake notifications can also provide a telephone number and encourage people to reach “professional tech support experts”. However, these people are just scammers who are trying to increase the length of the conversation and make their victims to pay a ridiculously big phone bill. To sum up, make sure you ignore DNS Unlocker ads.