Everything you need to know about suspicious Stack Player ads

Everything you need to know about suspicious Stack Player ads snapshot

Installation of Stack Player might be the reason of increased amount of aggressive online ads

If you love spending free time watching videos, then Stack Player may have caught your attention. It is nicely presented as a convenient tool that allows accessing various videos directly from the desktop. Nevertheless, this program is promoted on various download sites and software bundles; we can assure that giving it a try is not worth it.

Security experts agree that this program is beneficial for the developers only. Meanwhile, users face numerous problems, such as a flooded browser with ads and being spied on. These activities might be just a start from more serious issues, for instance, malware attack or exposing confidential and sensitive information to cyber criminals.

Therefore, this software belongs to the wide group of potentially unwanted programs (PUP). Speaking more specifically, it’s an adware program that is designed to deliver as much commercial content as possible.

Online ads might hide malicious content

One of the main reasons why we suggest staying away from this video stream program is Stack Player ads. Once this program gets inside the system, it employs a “virtual layer” to display banners, pop-ups and other commercial content on each website you visit.

Nevertheless, these ads may look reliable and useful; most of the time it’s just a trick to encourage you to click on it. Usually, this ad-supported program delivers fake pop-ups that:

  • provide great shopping offers;
  • give discount coupons;
  • warn about security alerts;
  • urge to install software updates.

There’s no doubt that such pop-ups are annoying and decrease browsing quality. However, the main issue is that Stack Player might promote malicious content. Authors of the program do not bother to check the credibility of the affiliates. Thus, such ads might be the part of malvertising campaign.

The research revealed that some of the advertisements could redirect to infected or scam websites. What is more, you might be offered to install or purchase the useless software.

Tip to avoid Stack Player virus

The term “virus” is too heavy to describe this cyber infection. However, due to its ability to appear on the system unexpectedly, computer users entitled it as a virus. But we want to make the situation clear and remind you that it’s a potentially unwanted program (PUP).

Indeed, such programs can enter the system without asking direct permission. Stack Player is distributed as an optional component in software packages. Thus, incorrect installation of freeware or shareware might help this PUP to be installed too.

In order to avoid similar programs from getting inside the computer and causing chaos on your browser, you have to install free programs under “Advanced” or “Custom” settings. Once you see the list of optional third-party programs, you have to unmark pre-selected entries. It’s the only way to stop PUPs.

However, if you rush and choose “Recommended” or “Quick” installation setup, you give indirect permission to all additional programs to enter the computer. Thus, if you are surprised by the appearance of Stack Player, you may find its removal instructions handy. But please, be more careful next time!