Good news for Estonians: new website provides malware removal guides in their native language

Good news for Estonian computer users

Good news for Estonian computer users – a new site dedicated to fighting against computer malware has been released! is a project of the 2-Spyware team, which seeks to provide security related information to computer users all around the globe. This group of malware researchers is already providing malware removal guides in 26 different languages, and recently two new sites have been released – this time for Latvian and Estonian computer users. The aim of this team is to provide assistance not only for English-speaking users but also offer help for those who prefer reading content in their mother-tongue. The Estonian website is very new, but its threat database is actively updated. Information provided on this site is divided into several categories – News, Viruses, Programs, and Files. Estonian people can find most recent computer security and malware activity related news, browse through a database of spyware and malware removal guides, read software reviews, choose and download preferred computer security software. If the website does not provide information about a particular virus or just in case the user experiences some issues removing a computer parasite, one can always share his/hers questions with computer security experts that are always ready to help. What is more, questions are shared publicly, so other registered users can sign in and share their thoughts, tips, and observations regarding the issue that is being discussed.

To sum up, it is good to know that the number of computer security related websites increases, and not only in the English language. There is no doubt that people prefer reading content in their language, especially articles that include a lot of technical terms. Reading complex virus removal instructions in a foreign language can be a tough thing to do; therefore, site is the place where Estonian computer users should navigate to in case they encounter computer related problems.