Is Amazon Assistant legit and useful or just a scam that has no value?

Is Amazon Assistant legit and useful or just a scam that has no value? snapshot

Amazon Assistant might be useful, although its rerouting techniques diminish its value greatly

Amazon Assistant is a browser extension created by Amazon that should provide users with many helpful features that can enhance and improve the online shopping experience. There is a price comparison feature, ordered delivery progress tracking, bets offer notifications, etc.

Amazon Assistant is free software and can be installed directly from the official website. However, this app might be less useful than it seems at first. Many users complain about PUP (potentially unwanted program) features that Amazon Assistant possess. Users reported that their browsers could lead them to questionable websites, as well as show advertisements regularly.

Sometimes users may be exposed to the useful material as deals, sales or price comparison – these features can improve the shopping experience. However, Amazon Assistant is packed with unwanted behavior, and such activity as unsolicited advertisements and redirects diminish browsing experience. Therefore, you should get rid of adware entirely and be free from intrusive programs.

You can avoid these infections if you are cautious enough

Avoiding adware like Amazon Assistant is possible. The key is user’s knowledge. If you are cautious enough when browsing the internet, you can be prepared and prevent intrusive programs from entering your system. The first step for improving your computer safety is scanning your machine with a reputable anti-malware software regularly. Additionally, you should always keep all your software up to date and make sure that updates are downloaded from legitimate sources only.

Users are typically not aware that additional programs are hiding within freeware installers. Therefore, security experts advise avoiding Recommended/Quick settings and choosing Advanced or Custom mode during installation. This way, additional components become visible, and you can deselect them, so they would not install together with the desired app.

Suspicious extensions can also be downloaded from third-party websites. These can sometimes result in more annoying PUP installation. Therefore, we highly suggest avoiding questionable third-party websites, especially adult content, gambling, file-sharing and similar sites.

If you already have Amazon Assistant installed and especially if it got into your machine without your consent, remove it and go back to normal browsing without disturbances. If you are looking for a shopping helper, check this post about its alternatives. Even if these helpers may look useful and helpful, these intrusive programs do more harm than good. If you want to pick a browser enhancing tool, make sure you choose one from trustful and known providers.

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